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From pipelines and underground piping services, our Civil/Piping Engineers can provide a consulting and a full range of detailed design services. For unique and novel composite material applications like our water storage COMPTECH Composite Tanks for offshore service our structural engineers have the ability and proven experience to design and verify our products’ performance in exacting service conditions.

As one of the World’s most experienced company’s in field application of piping & structural composite materials VHM Solutions can provide the engineering your project requires for composite materials.

Our site teams excel in remote locations and extreme climatic conditions. As required when working in accordance with IS014692 Part 4, all our QA/QC, Supervisors and Installation Technicians are all accredited to this internationally recognised standard. Safe working practices are always to the foremost in our everyday operations and this has achieved a fantastic ongoing record that supports our client’s on-site safety objectives of zero incidents.

We offer our expertise in providing long term maintenance solution to key sectors such as Defence, Oil & Gas and Industrial. GRE is a better and more economical alternative to existing steel piping systems. For Maintenance Managers that have not yet used any GRE & FRP systems please contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss with you where GRE & FRP will be of benefit to reduce your maintenance costs. Our services are backed by works that can be completed in our workshop.