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Non-Metallic Pipe System
Supply of fit-for-purpose GRP/GRE/GRVE pipe and fittings from the world's leading manufacturers, Supply and Fabrication of Pipe Supports, Shop Pipe Spooling,
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Non-Metallic Composite
The highest international standards for its high strength, corrosion/chemical attack resistance, life value and safety factors.
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From concept design to finished product we meet and often exceed client expectations by working under best industry practices.
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As one of the World’s most experienced company’s in field application of piping & structural composite materials VHM Solutions can provide the engineering your project requires for composite materials.
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Our Engineering and practical expertise can adapt our product and come up with innovative solutions to problems encountered with conventional material.
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Inspection & NDT/NDE
We can perform Inspection/Testing & Analysis like Hydrostatic Testing, Non-destructive examination, Microwave Inspection and Root Cause Analysis and reporting.
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VHM Solutions

We deliver turnkey packaged solutions for Piping and Composite Structural Systems to service the complex needs of the Oil, Gas, Offshore/Onshore Processing, Defence, Mining, Infrastructure and Utilities sectors.

About Our Company

What We Do

VHM Solutions are extensively involved in developing and delivering leading-edge and innovative composite pipe and structural solutions, providing a one-stop, single PO/contract, design to handover capability that provides turnkey composite solutions for the oil, gas, offshore/onshore processing, defence, mining, and infrastructure market sectors.

We take pride in our ability to take well-engineered composite components/materials (whether that is components for piping, structural or fluid storage) and add value to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry. The team at VHM Solutions Pty Ltd has already in our early stages, built a strong reputation for QUALITY, SAFETY, and EFFICIENCY of services and products provided. This is reflected by the strength of our client base and the on-going business we experience.

Our Project Work Flow

Our Work Process

With top management sharing over 30 years of experience in Fiberglass Structural Pipe System manufacture, Procurement, Design, Installation, and Testing with Delivery to many projects nationally and internationally.



VHM Solutions offer consultation, specification, inspection and NDE/NDT, design and drafting services. Compared to other engineering services,


We adopt the latest in technology to innovate and develop solutions that solve the problem at hand.


We pass on our expertise directly to clients to ensure they have a sound understanding of the importance of material procurement and design.


Our “one-stop-shop” scope allows adding value to your project or bid by reliably delegating these areas of the contract/bid scope to our company.

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We try and respond to all queries and comments within 24 hours.
Message From the Director

To Our Customers

“Why I do what I do as a Director of VHM Solutions, and why VHM Solutions do what we do.”

Josh Hyde – Managing Director

Why Choose Us

We are more than just a place to work

We practice modern workplace culture that embraces technology, cares less about where and when employees get the job done and, instead, creates a culture built on mutual respect, trust and accountability to meet rising employee expectations. You can be confident VHM Solutions will deliver your best project outcome.
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